A look at gambling in Maryland

Sitting on the Atlantic coast, bordered by New Hampshire, Vermont, New York State and Connecticut, the state of Maryland is considered the richest of all in the United States of America. The average household income in Maryland, which has a population of around five and three quarters of a million is approximately $ 65,000. Science and technology is where the big money they deserve Maryland, as well as the transportation of its docks and factories of the large population along the East Coast. Total government revenue is an incredible $ 250 billion dollars annually. Sounds like paradise? Well, it could be, except for the fact that there is no casino gambling in Maryland. Well, at least for the time being.Yet let us not from the services and attractions of this state, the historic distracted. Its capital is singing Annapolis from the formation of the country with his fabulous classic colonial architecture and its immaculately preserved 18th Century waterfront. A must for any visitor to the state of the U.S. Naval Academy and his museum.Much the U.S. population is living in and around the city of Baltimore, the financial and commercial center of the country. Major tourist attractions in the Baltimore area, the scene of the Antietam National Battlefield and National Cemetery in Sharpsburg. Frederick and St. Marys City are two famous historical cities, where visitors can step back in time to the colonial period. The famous and picturesque Chesapeake Bay is located on Maryland’s eastern shore is and its many tributaries and rivers offer a real paradise for seafood lovers. Maryland proudly boasts the longest waterfronts in the United States, with an endless stream of restaurants that dotted freshly caught and prepared foods, which are the sea offer.Marylanders major horse racing enthusiasts. Many of them attend the annual Preakness and Pimlico Cup horse races in Baltimore and many more from the state’s visitors flock to this traditional sport events. The strange fact is that until the late sixties, casino gambling was legalized in the state and was quite active and enjoyed by many. In 1973, a state lottery was introduced and has proved very popular, and with it considerable revenue. There are also betting on horse racing and greyhound racing events at regular intervals, in which bets trackside.People who want to play table games like blackjack is held admissible, roulette or craps and slot machines have two easy options: a trip to one of the neighboring states for some live casino or two in order to play online in the comfort and safety of their own home. None of these perspectives seems too frightening for the cash rich Marylanders. But the hope is that waking up thinking ahead and legislators realize that the money that flows can be traced outside the state. This can be through the simple step allows the opening up of land-based casinos, where the hard-working people of the state can spend their free time as they see fit, while the state agents are performed.